Rates and Fees
Capital Payments Processing deals with a very wide variety of merchants, each with a different business method, transaction volume and average ticket amount. Instead of offering one rate plan to all merchants, we see what the best rate plan is for you depending on your business.

"Low Rates"
Let's face it, many Merchant Service Providers advertise their "low rates." However, when applying you find out that you may fall into a higher risk category or simply do not "meet their required transaction volume" to qualify for their advertised "low rates."

Let Capital Payments Processing take some information from you to quote you a rate. In order to do this, simply fill out the form on the right. A merchant specialist will get back to you with the rate plan best for your business.
You can also apply online, and a merchant specialist will contact you to determine what program best suits your business needs.
APPLY VIA PHONE Within the U.S. : 1-(877)-243-6703.

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